As a classically trained chef, Cynthia, is available in many capacities. For more information on Cynthia’s qualifications, see the About page.

Cynthia McCloud Woodman What A Girl Eats.

Let’s work together!

I love working with brands that I use and trust, or sharing products with my followers through social media. Please browse my site before reaching out. I do not promote or endorse processed ingredients. I eat meat, butter, cheese, fat, and vegetables.

I do not promote or endorse a vegan diet. If you think we’d be a good fit, contact me at for my media kit and rates.

Cynthia Woodman in Santa Barbara.
On-air cooking demonstration for local Santa Barbara morning show.

How can I help you?

Virtual Classes:

One of the positive outcomes of the pandemic was the addition of virtual cooking classes and demonstrations. I taught several classes during lock-down and it was a great way to stay connected.

Me with tiramisu.

I would love to feature your product in a Facebook live, online demo, or hands-on cooking class. These classes run about 90 minutes and are interactive. All materials are sent out ahead of time so that all participants can purchase ingredients, and follow along in real time. Fees vary depending on the number of participants, menu and scope of instruction. Contact me for more details.

Cynthia McCloud cooking demo.

Judging for culinary competitions

I’ve been a judge at several events from the World Tiramisu World Cup in Treviso, Italy, a guest judge on a Food Network pilot, as well as gelato, and haggis competitions. I’m available to judge culinary events.

Cynthia McCloud Woodman Tiramisu judge.

Content creation:

I am happy to develop a recipe and write a post on my website using your product. Content is Evergreen and can be updated yearly.

Private catering event.

Social Media:

I can promote your product via any (or all) of my social media channels.

Brand Ambassadorship:

Cynthia McCloud Woodman chef.

I would love to partner with your trusted brand at an event or through a social media campaign.

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