Bacon Wrapped Scallops

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Who doesn’t love bacon wrapped scallops? They might just be the most perfect appetizer ever. But don’t just save them for a special occasion, they’re an easy option for last minute entertaining as well. Bacon wrapped scallops are a wonderful hors d’oeuvre to pass at a party. You can serve them as an appetizer, amuse bouche or main dish. They’re also low carb and keto friendly! Whichever way you plan to serve them will help you decide on the size of the scallops.

Bacon wrapped scallops.

(This post was originally published on December 11, 2021. As an Amazon Affiliate, I receive commission on qualifying purchases.)

Fresh or frozen scallops?

It’s not always easy to find fresh scallops at the grocery store. And if you can, they’re often small bay scallops. I try to look for wild caught scallops. Frozen scallops are actually often just as good as fresh. Most commercial fish packers immediately freeze the catch on board the fishing boats ensuring that they’re just as good as fresh seafood! Buy the best scallops you can afford, whether fresh or frozen.

Cooked scallop with bacon.

Choose the scallop size to match the dish.

If you’re planning on serving them at as a passed hors d’oeuvre, use smaller scallops. They should be eaten in one or two small bites. If you’d like to serve them as an appetizer, choose a larger scallop. If you’re planning on serving bacon-wrapped scallops for a main course, use the largest size you can find.

What size scallops should you use for bacon-wrapped scallops?

Scallops are graded by number per pound, making it easy for restaurants and the consumer to choose the best size for each recipe.

  • Smaller bay scallops are graded at 30-40 per pound making them perfect for seafood pasta or fish stew.
  • The largest scallops are U-8 which means there are about 8 per pound. Large sea scallops are best used as a main dish like Pan-Seared Scallops.
  • 10-20 scallops are about 1″ in diameter and are the perfect size for bacon-wrapped scallops that will be passed on a tray.
  • U-10 or U-12 are the perfect size for an appetizer or amuse bouche. They are from 1 1/4″ to 1 1/2″ and can be served on a plate and eaten with a knife and fork.

Whichever size you choose will determine how long the bacon slices will be. Smaller scallops will most likely require only a 1/2 slice, whereas a larger sea scallop might need a whole slice of bacon.

bacon wrapped scallops on tray.

How to make bacon-wrapped scallops

There really isn’t an easier recipe than this one! Please don’t use garlic powder, soy sauce or even worse, bbq sauce! Any seasoning at all isn’t really necessary. Bacon is usually flavorful enough and salty enough, and scallops are both rich and delicate on their own. Let the flavors of both ingredients shine on their own.

  • Make sure the scallops are dry. Wet scallops won’t give the best results. To dry scallops, pat them with a paper towel.
drying the scallops.
  • Remove the “foot” of the scallop. That’s the little piece that sticks out the side of the scallop.
removing the foot of the scallop.
  • Measure the strip of bacon so that it wraps around the scallop with enough leftover to secure the bacon strip with a toothpick or wooden skewers.
wrapping the scallops in bacon.
  • If you’re using wooden skewers, soak them in cold water for at least 30 minutes so they don’t burn, or singe in the oven. Better yet, for a cleaner presentation, skewer them with toothpicks and then replace the toothpick with a decorative skewer or pick after baking.
bacon wrapped scallops raw.

A note about bacon

The thickness of the bacon will determine how long you will need to cook the scallops and how much you’ll need to buy. Consequently, a pound of thick cut bacon will yield fewer slices than a pound of thin cut bacon. In addition the thick cut bacon will require longer to cook through, and consequently by the time the bacon is done, the scallops can become tough and overcooked. If you do choose to use a thick cut bacon, I’d recommend pre-baking the bacon slices for 5 minutes or so to render some of the fat and give the bacon a head start. This is one time to choose regular cut bacon, so that the bacon to scallop ratio is about the same.

scallops on  a serving plate.

Cooking bacon-wrapped scallops in the oven

Because you can cook a dozen or so all at once, broiling them is the easiest option. If you’d like to prep ahead of a party, prepare a sheet pan and refrigerated until ready to bake. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. and place the oven shelf in the middle of the oven. Bake for 6-7 minutes, and then turn the scallops and and cook an additional 6-7 minutes, or until scallops are cooked and the bacon is crisp and cooked.

bacon wrapped scallops on tray.

How to cook scallops in a pan

Cooking bacon wrapped scallops in a skillet will take longer, since you don’t want to crowd the scallops in the pan. But if you’re only preparing a few scallops for a main dish, a skillet is fine. Heat the skillet over a medium heat and cook scallops about 2 minutes per side, making sure to include the bacon side as well.

How to tell when scallops are done

With all scallop recipes, you can tell when they are done by lightly pressing the top. They should be firm to the touch. Another way to tell if they are done is by cutting one open. The inside should be opaque. Remember they cook very quickly, so keep and eye on them!

Suggestions for other hors d’oeuvre for a cocktail party.

If you’re having a cocktail party and are looking for other ideas, choose a combination of passed and stationary hors d’oeuvre. This Savory Smoked Salmon Cheesecake makes a nice centerpiece on a buffet. Vegetable and Potato Pancakes with smoked salmon and lemon chive cream is another delicious hors d’oeuvre. A Charcuterie Board is always an easy way to feed a crowd without having to constantly refresh it.

Bacon wrapped scallops.

Bacon-Wrapped Scallops

This easy hors d'oeuvre takes just minutes to put together. It's a great addition to any cocktail party. Naturally gluten free, low-carb and keto friendly.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Course appetizers, hors d’oeuvre
Cuisine French
Servings 15 pieces
Calories 84 kcal


  • 1 pound scallops about 15
  • 1/2 pound bacon medium thickness (about 8 slices)


  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Prepare baking sheet by lining it with foil or parchment paper.
  • Rinse the scallops in cold water. Remove the "foot" from the scallops. Pat dry with paper towel.
  • Cut the bacon to fit around the scallops. The size of the scallops will determine how long you cut the bacon strips. Use a toothpick to secure the bacon to the scallop. Thinner cut bacon will "stretch" more easily.
  • Place baking sheet in oven and bake for for about 7-8 minutes until the bacon is cooked and crisp. Turn halfway, and bake for an additional 7-8 minutes..
  • Transfer scallops to a paper towel lined plate to dab off excess grease before serving. Remove the toothpick and replace with a fresh skewer or decorative bamboo pick.


  • Choose scallops that are about 2 bites. Size 10-20 scallops means you’ll get about 15 scallops per pound. 
  • If you want to use long skewers, soak them in water for 20 minutes so they won’t burn under the broiler.
  • If not, secure with a toothpick, then remove the toothpick after broiling and replace with a fresh cocktail pick or skewer. 
  • The thickness of the bacon will determine how many slices you’ll need.


Serving: 1pieceCalories: 84kcalCarbohydrates: 1gProtein: 6gFat: 6gSaturated Fat: 2gPolyunsaturated Fat: 1gMonounsaturated Fat: 3gTrans Fat: 0.02gCholesterol: 17mgSodium: 219mgPotassium: 92mgVitamin A: 7IUCalcium: 3mgIron: 0.2mg
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