Gluten Free Side Dishes

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If you’re looking for gluten free side dishes, here’s a delicious collection for you! While many side dishes are naturally gluten free, sometimes there are sneaky additions like flour to thicken a sauce or coat veggies. These gluten-free side recipes are bound to have something to please just about anyone. I’ve gathered a few recipes that would fit seamlessly into any holiday party.

Roasted delicata squash.

This is a nice list to have for special occasions or holidays when you might not know the dietary restrictions of some guests. Dairy and gluten-free side dish recipes are labeled as well. There are also a few delicious vegan options! (This post was originally published Novemeber 18th, 2017)

How can you tell if  a dish is gluten free?

It’s not just those who suffer from celiac disease who adhere to a gluten-free diet. Many people who are gluten sensitive, or follow a low carb diet for health reasons prefer to eat gluten-free dishes. Of course it’s easy to read labels when you’re doing the shopping and cooking. But if you’re a guest, it’s best to inform your host ahead of time or bring your own side dish. If not, you might need to ask if a dish contains gluten. Some condiments such as soy sauce, salad dressing, and some bouillon cubes contain gluten. Look for simple dishes with minimal ingredients, steamed or roasted veggies are also a great gluten free side dish option. 

goat cheese dip.

Appetizers, Starters and Salads

Most of the ingredients on a Charcuterie Board are naturally gluten free. Add some gluten free crackers in a separate bowl for those with a gluten sensitivity.

charcuterie board.

A vegetable tray is the perfect start to a holiday party. This Herbed Goat Cheese Dip can be made the day before, (in fact it’ll be even better if you let the flavors meld over-night).

Rosemary Roasted Almonds (Vegan)

Beet Salad with Goat Cheese (Vegetarian) (Recipe from Christina’s Cucina)

Pear and Gorgonzola Salad with Candied Pecans (Vegetarian)

Pear and Gorgonzola Salad with Candied Pecans

Hot Spinach Artichoke Dip from Serena Bakes Simply From Scratch. (Vegetarian)

hot artichoke dip.

Citrus Salad with Goat Cheese (Vegetarian)

Winter Citrus Salad with Orange Dijon Vinaigrette.

Smoked Trout Pate 

Zucchini and Potato Pancakes with Lemon Chive Cream (Vegetarian)

Zucchini Pancakes with lemon chive cream.

Green Veggies

Instead of a green bean casserole, try French Green Beans with Mustard Shallot Sauce (Dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan) Recipe from Dana’s Table.

Brussels Sprouts with Garlic and Parmesan Cheese get a little kick from red pepper flakes. (Vegetarian)

Brussels sprouts with cheese.

Hard to beat Green Beans Almondine from Beyond the Chicken Coop, for a classic holiday side dish!

Green beans almondine

Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta and Pecans (Dairy-free)

Roasted Asparagus is a simple and delicious side dish, especially in the spring. (Dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan) Recipe from Jill Colonna, Mad About Macarons.

Gluten free side dishes roasted asparagus.

Broccoli Kugel gets uses potato starch which makes it a naturally gluten free binder.(Dairy-free and vegetarian) Recipe from Dana’s Table.

Sautéed Rapini is a simple Italian side dish that’s ready in minutes.(Dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan) Recipe from Christina’s Cucina.

rapini is a gluten free side dish.

Root Vegetables

Brown Butter Mashed Sweet Potatoes. are a great autumn side dish. (Vegetarian)

Sweet Potatoes with Browned Butter and Sage.

Tzimmes is a combination of roasted carrots and parsnips tossed with olive oil and honey. This tasty dish is traditionally served at Rosh Hashanah, but it’s the perfect side dish for an autumn meal as well! (Vegetarian) Recipe from Dana’s Table.


Mashed Sweet Potatoes  from The Rising Spoon are naturally sweetened, and can be made ahead of time.

Simple Sauteed Vegetables

Sautéed vegetables top shot.

And the rest!

Here are some tasty gluten-free side dishes that don’t fall into the above categories.

Looking for something a little different? How about this Coconut Cumin Ginger Roasted Butternut Squash from The Delicious Crescent.


Roasted Delicata Squash with Sage.

Delicata squash.

Black Beans with Rice and Sausage. This easy gluten-free side dish is made in the slow cooker. Recipe from Serena Bakes Simply From Scratch.

Braised Purple Cabbage is a Scandinavian side dish that pairs well with pork or poultry.

purple cabbage.

This Harvest Squash is full of fall colors, garlic and herbs. Make it in the morning and reheat before serving. (Vegetarian)

Stuffed Mini Pumpkins (Vegetarian) Jill Colonna Mad About Macarons.

Jill Colonna Mini Pumpkins.


Old Fashioned Southern Cornbread is made with cornmeal, so it’s naturally gluten free.Need bread to accompany your meal? Recipe from Grits and Pinecones.


These Gluten Free Bread Sticks could be made into small rolls instead.

Potato Side Dishes

Crispy Roast Potatoes (Dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan)

These Roast Lemon Dill Potatoes from Veena Azmanov would make a nice alternative to traditional mashed potatoes.

Truffled Hasselback Potatoes are an elegant gluten-free side dish. Recipe from Christina’s Cucina.

truffled potatoes.

Rosti is a classic Swiss side dish. (Vegetarian)

Swiss rosti.

Gratin Dauphinoise (Vegetarian) Recipe from Jill Colonna, Mad About Macarons.

Potato Latkes (Vegetarian, Vegan)

latkes on a plate.

Rice Side Dishes

Golden Rice Pilaf (Dairy-free)

Golden rice pilaf in white bowl.

Farro with Rosemary, Leeks and Carrots (Dairy-Free, vegetarian and vegan) Dana’s Table.

This wild and brown rice casserole would be a festive gluten free option to stuffing. Brown and Wild Rice with Cranberries and Pecans (Vegetarian)

Cranberry pecan wild and brown rice makes a nice gluten free alternative to holiday stuffing.


While not technically side dishes, here are a few gluten free desserts that would be a delicious way to end any meal!

Lemon Posset is just three ingredients and takes 15 minutes to make. Make it the day before for an easy grab and go dessert.

Lemon posset with blueberry garnish.

This Gluten Free Apple Pie  from Rhian’s Recipes is also vegan!

gluten free apple pie

Gluten Free Fruitcake  would be a great holiday or hostess gift!

Soft and chewy Amaretti Cookies from She Loves Biscotti, are delicious with a cup of coffee.

gluten free amaretti

Baked Apple Slices with Maple and Cinnamon from One Clever Chef would go well with turkey.

This Maple Pumpkin Pie from Allergy Free Alaska is both gluten free and dairy free

gluten fee maple pumpkin

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  1. Wonderful collection of gluten free recipes… perfect for the upcoming holiday period. Have pinned a few to try. Thanks for including my amaretti cookies and thanks for putting it all together ♥

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  3. Brilliant round up of gluten free recipes – can be so hard sometimes to find holiday dishes that all of the family can eat but you’ve certainly made it easier for people to find some! Definitely going to be giving some of these a try

  4. You just saved me so much time. Thanks for posting all these fantastic recipes, now all I have to do is narrow them down for our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner menus!

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